Online Learn Coronavirus Prevention What Is In The Picture And Tick The Right Option

Match the pictures and words on our multiple-choice English Coronavirus Prevention online exercise with and you will mark the correct English words.

Alphabet vocabulary you will learn in these worksheets: Cover Your Mouth, Hands Sanitizer, Surgical Gloves, Clean The Surfaces, Keep Social Distanse, Clean Everything, Wash Your Hands, Stay Home, Avoid Crowded Places, Use Disinfectant, Eat Healthy, Don't Touch Your Face, Temperature Checks, Cashless Payment, Maintain a Safe Distance, Don't Shake, Wear a Face Mask, Sanitize Your Hands, Use Antibacterial, Avoid Contact,

Wash Your Hands

Cashless Payment

Use Disinfectant

Avoid Crowded Places

Stay Home

Eat Healthy

Keep Social Distanse

Clean The Surfaces

Hands Sanitizer

Don't Touch Your Face

Cover Your Mouth

Use Antibacterial

Avoid Contact

Don't Shake

Wear a Face Mask

Maintain a Safe Distance

Temperature Checks

Sanitize Your Hands

Clean Everything

Surgical Gloves

Correct - Incorrect