Baby Animals English Vocabulary Video Exercises For Kids

Baby Animals Vocabulary Video Exercise: Learn the Adorable Names of Baby Animals

Baby animals are some of the cutest and most lovable creatures on the planet. From fluffy chicks to playful cubs, each species has its own unique and adorable name for their offspring. In this baby animals vocabulary video exercise, you'll learn some of the most common names for baby animals.
Kitten: A baby cat.
Puppy: A baby dog.
Foal: A baby horse.
Calf: A baby cow.
Piglet: A baby pig.
Chick: A baby chicken.
Duckling: A baby duck.
Gosling: A baby goose.
Fawn: A baby deer.
Cub: A baby bear.

Learning the names of baby animals can not only be fun, but it can also help you better understand the animal kingdom and appreciate the wonders of nature. So, if you're an animal lover or just looking to expand your vocabulary, check out this baby animals vocabulary video exercise and start learning the adorable names of baby animals today!

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Baby Animals vocabulary you will learn in these video: Calf, Colt, Fawn, Kid, Eaglet, Bunny, Tadpole, Piglet, Chick, Duckling, Cub, Lamb, Puppy, Kitten, Foal, Joey, Owlet, Otter, Peacock, Porcupine,