Cozy Winter Online Exercises Write the correct letter to complete the word

In our online exercise the first two letters of the Cozy Winter words have been deleted. The first two letters deleted are given at the top of the Cozy Winter worksheet. Complete the missing Cozy Winter words using the letters given here.

English Dictionary; read, listen, write, learn.

Windowsill Gatherings
_ _ ndowsill gatherings
Gingerbread Man
_ _ ngerbread man
Hot Pastry
_ _ t pastry
Christmas Wreath
_ _ ristmas wreath
Christmas Tree Decoration
_ _ ristmas tree decoration
Mulled Wine
_ _ lled wine
Winter Reading
_ _ nter reading
Winter Crafts
_ _ nter crafts
Fragrant Pastry
_ _ agrant pastry
Warm Clothing
_ _ rm clothing
Hot Cocoa
_ _ t cocoa
Veranda Sitting
_ _ randa sitting
_ _ replace
Scented Candles
_ _ ented candles