Daily Routine Online Exercises Write the correct letter to complete the word - 1

In our online exercise the first two letters of the Daily Routine words have been deleted. The first two letters deleted are given at the top of the Daily Routine worksheet. Complete the missing Daily Routine words using the letters given here.

English Dictionary; read, listen, write, learn.

Do The Cleaning
_ _ the cleaning
Do The Cooking
_ _ the cooking
Do The Washing
_ _ the washing
Draw Pictures
_ _ aw pictures
Get Dressed
_ _ t dressed
Get Shaved
_ _ t shaved
Get Up
_ _ t up
Go Shopping
_ _ shopping
Go To School
_ _ to school
Go To Work
_ _ to work
Have A Break
_ _ ve a break
Have A Shower
_ _ ve a shower
Have Breakfast
_ _ ve breakfast
Listen To The Radio
_ _ sten to the radio
Make The Bed
_ _ ke the bed
Read A News
_ _ ad a news