Coronavirus Prevention Online Exercises Write the correct letter to complete the word

In our online exercise the first two letters of the Coronavirus Prevention words have been deleted. The first two letters deleted are given at the top of the Coronavirus Prevention worksheet. Complete the missing Coronavirus Prevention words using the letters given here.

English Dictionary; read, listen, write, learn.

Don't Touch Your Face
_ _ n't touch your face
Cover Your Mouth
_ _ ver your mouth
Hands Sanitizer
_ _ nds sanitizer
Surgical Gloves
_ _ rgical gloves
Clean Everything
_ _ ean everything
Wear a Face Mask
_ _ ar a face mask
Clean The Surfaces
_ _ ean the surfaces
Avoid Crowded Places
_ _ oid crowded places
Keep Social Distanse
_ _ ep social distanse
Sanitize Your Hands
_ _ nitize your hands
Temperature Checks
_ _ mperature checks
Avoid Contact
_ _ oid contact
Use Disinfectant
_ _ e disinfectant
Don't Shake
_ _ n't shake
Eat Healthy
_ _ t healthy
Maintain a Safe Distance
_ _ intain a safe distance
Wash Your Hands
_ _ sh your hands
Stay Home
_ _ ay home
Cashless Payment
_ _ shless payment
Use Antibacterial
_ _ e antibacterial