Learn Opposites Vocabulary Online. Opposites Words Unscramble And Write - 4

The letters are mixed in our Opposites online exercises. You should write the mixed English words of the Opposites correctly. So you can check your ability to write English words.

English Dictionary; read, listen, write, learn.

To Break - To Fix
xbroti- oeak ft
To Depart - To Arrive
rdret va topairo -e t
To Lead - To Follow
lloe ol -oadw f tot
To Lose - To Find
dlo on -ose f tit
To Marry - To Divorce
vmoaotci- orrry edt
To Raise - To Lower
wreaoto- oisre lt
To Save - To Spend
nsda oe -ove s tpt
To Sink - To Rise
esi os -onk r tit
To Throw - To Catch
ttchota- orohw ct
Upstairs - Downstairs
ttaaodrs- pirisws snu
Vertical - Horizantal
atniohaz- ecatlrr liv
Victory - Defeat
tofet -iry ecdav
Vowel - Consonant
telosnoco - nwnav
Water - Land
erdala - tnw
Wealthy - Destitute
ulttset -ehye tadiw
Whisper - Scream
sprcm -her eisaw
Wide - Narrow
e worai- ndrw
Win - Lose
-esi lonw
Windy - Calm
dymaci - nlw
Yes - No
-e nosy