Learn Opposites Vocabulary Online. Opposites Words Unscramble And Write - 6

The letters are mixed in our Opposites online exercises. You should write the mixed English words of the Opposites correctly. So you can check your ability to write English words.

English Dictionary; read, listen, write, learn.

Order - Mess
s- ererdsm o
Opaque - Transparent
na -ttusqrppara eneo
On Top - Bottom
t -bootmn o tpo
On - Under
ndr -n euo
On - Off
ff -n oo
Old Fashioned - Modern
denshoef rm-ldn iodao
Old - New
ne- ldw o
Near - Far
fr reaa-n
Near - Distant
a ds treatin-n
Many - Few
fw yane-m
Male - Female
l fm ealaee-m
Luminous - Dull
dus-nlilum uol
Lie Prone - Lie Supine
p eon ipi nseie- eulrl
Lazy - Active
v at yazice-l
Kind - Cruel
l cu diner-k
In - Out
ut -n oi
Husband - Wife
id aebusw-fnh
High - Low
lw higo-h
Healthy - Unhealthy
yny teltaeaul-hhhh
Hate - Adore
e ao eatrd-h