Abbreviation Online Exercises Write The Missing Letters To The Blanks In The Words Below

In our English online exercises for kids, the letters of the Abbreviation words letters are missing given. You must complete the missing letters and you will be able to check whether you have learned the correct English spelling of Abbreviation words.

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Hugs and Kisses
Hug_ and Ki_ _e_
Very Important Person
Ve_y Imp_ _tant _e_s_n
Throwback Thursday
Throwback Thur_ _a_
On My Way
_n M_ _a_
I Miss You
I_Mi_ _ _Yo_
How Are You?
How A_e Yo_?
See You Later
See You L_ _e_
Laugh Out Loud
Oh My God
Oh My G_ _
In Search Of
I_ _S_arc_ _Of
I Love You
I L_v_ Y_u
_g_-_ _x-Lo_ation
Hit Me Back
Hit _e Ba_k
Just Kidding
Just_Ki_ _in_
By The way
By _h_ _ay
Can't Talk Now
Can't_Tal_ _N_w
Good Job
G_ _d_J_b