Construction Trucks Online Exercises Write The Missing Letters To The Blanks In The Words Below

In our English online exercises for kids, the letters of the Construction Trucks words letters are missing given. You must complete the missing letters and you will be able to check whether you have learned the correct English spelling of Construction Trucks words.

English Dictionary; read, listen, write, learn.

Front Loader
F_ _nt L_ade_
Asphalt Paver
Road Roller
R_ _d R_lle_
Flat Bed Truck
F_a_ Bed _ru_k
Dump Truck
Dum_ Tru_k
Front and Blackhoe Loader
F_ _nt_and_B_ackh_e_L_ade_
Bu_ _doze_
Fuel Truck
Fuel _ _u_k
Concrete Mixer
Concr_t_ Mix_r
_o_ _lift