ESL Road Signs Vocabulary Online Learn

The words to be written under the pictures on our Road Signs English online exercises are given in bulk at the top of our worksheet. Write the words under the correct pictures, you can check what you wrote. On our Road Signs vocabulary worksheet, you will understand how much you have learned the words and pictures you match in your memory.

English Dictionary; read, listen, write, learn.

Words: Traffic Light, Stop, Speed Limit, Railway Crossing, Zebra Crossing, Cycle Zone, Narrow Road Ahead, Two Way Traffic, Speed Breaker, No Parking, No Horn, Men At Work, No Left Turn, No Right Turn, U Turn, No U Turn, Give Way, Max Speed, Slope, Parking

Traffic Light
Speed Limit
Railway Crossing
Zebra Crossing
Cycle Zone
Narrow Road Ahead
Two Way Traffic
Speed Breaker
No Parking
No Horn
Men At Work
No Left Turn
No Right Turn
U Turn
No U Turn
Give Way
Max Speed