ESL Abbreviation Vocabulary Online Learn

The words to be written under the pictures on our Abbreviation English online exercises are given in bulk at the top of our worksheet. Write the words under the correct pictures, you can check what you wrote. On our Abbreviation vocabulary worksheet, you will understand how much you have learned the words and pictures you match in your memory.

English Dictionary; read, listen, write, learn.

Words: Hugs and Kisses, Very Important Person, Throwback Thursday, Thanks, Please, On My Way, I Miss You, How Are You?, See You Later, Laugh Out Loud, Oh My God, In Search Of, I Love You, Age-Sex-Location, Hit Me Back, Just Kidding, By The way, Can't Talk Now, Good Job, Great

Hugs and Kisses
Very Important Person
Throwback Thursday
On My Way
I Miss You
How Are You?
See You Later
Laugh Out Loud
Oh My God
In Search Of
I Love You
Hit Me Back
Just Kidding
By The way
Can't Talk Now
Good Job