Subtraction up to 5 Worksheets and Exercise

Want your little one(student) to get up to speed on counting? Explore these subtraction groups, printable up to many worksheets, to help them get used to subtraction with numbers from 0 to 5. Some theme-based exercises for subtracting numbers up to 5 Get little boys and girls fascinated by numbers with our free 0 to 5 subtraction worksheets off to a level start and immerse them in the fun world of operations!

0 to 5 Column Subtraction - Standard

Watch kids get excited, succeed and compete as they find the difference in 5 with this set of 0 to 5 vertical subtraction worksheets that offer 20 problems per page.

0 to 5 Horizontal Subtraction - Standard

Give kindergarten children a one-of-a-kind introduction to horizontal subtraction and subtraction sentences in 5 worksheets. Let them take the second number from the first and write the difference to the right of the '=' sign.