Subtraction up to 20 Worksheets and Exercise

This printable subtraction section includes 20 worksheets suitable for kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders to practice 0 to 20 subtraction. The worksheets cover standard subtraction problems, word problems, and hands-on activities. With these worksheets, kids can create equivalent subtraction sentences, find missing numbers, combine expressions, and solve subtraction riddles. These refreshing tasks offer a fun and engaging way to learn subtraction. All of these worksheets are available for free, so download them now and start practicing subtraction!

Column Subtraction within 20 - Standard

Boost grade 1 kids' subtraction skills with our column subtraction in 20 exercises! Our PDF worksheets feature 20 subtraction problems up to 20. Watch your kids become subtraction experts with our engaging resources!

Horizontal Subtraction within 20 - Standard

Boost subtraction skills up to 20 with our 20 printable worksheets that include horizontal subtraction and subtraction sentences. Let your students find the difference between two numbers and sharpen their math abilities with our fun and interactive activities.

Missing Numbers up to 20

Introduce second graders to the relationship between addition and subtraction with our printable resource. Let your students count up to 20 and find the missing piece in this process with our fun and interactive activities.