Subtraction up to 20 Worksheets and Exercise

Pick up your 0 to 20 subtraction preparation where you left off with this printable subtraction section in 20 worksheets for kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders! Beyond standard problems and subtraction word problems of up to 20, a wide variety of refreshing tasks and hands-on activity pdfs await you. Create equivalent subtraction sentences, find missing numbers in a subtraction phrase, combine a subtraction expression with a difference, solve subtraction riddles and much more with 0 - 20! You can access all of our worksheets free of charge.

Column Subtraction within 20 - Standard

Subtraction intrigues of grade 1 children with 20 subtraction problems add to pdf worksheets. Subtract numbers up to 20 with this column subtraction in 20 exercises.

Horizontal Subtraction within 20 - Standard

Prepare yourself for finding the difference between two numbers up to 20 and completing these horizontal subtraction and subtraction sentences in 20 worksheets.

Missing Numbers up to 20

Start warming up to the relationship between addition and subtraction with this 2nd grade printable resource. Let the kids find the missing piece in this process or count it up to 20.