2-Digits Subtraction Worksheets and Exercise

A pair for fun practice, our printable 2-digit subtraction worksheets are a great activity for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders to instantly improve their subtraction skills with and without regrouping (borrowing). Trying to make our pdf extraction in multiple worksheets a must-have practice tool is a series of reinforcement and perpetuation tasks such as filling in missing numbers, vertical and horizontal subtraction, word problems, and more. Feel lucky by applying our free worksheets! Get one step ahead in your class.

2-Digit Subtraction - No Regrouping

Do some boisterous and beautiful subtraction by finding the difference between sets of 2-digit numbers! Capture double digit subtraction problems without regrouping/borrowing our worksheet is suitable for beginners.

2-Digit Subtraction - Regrouping

Dozens of places to borrow with columnar and horizontal subtraction with this pdf subtraction set from the worksheets here Refill the grade 2 and grade 3 kid's mug and study with fun.

2-Digit Subtraction - Fill in the Missing Digits

Alternate between easy and intermediate exercises to make it easier for the child to develop logical reasoning. Try to find the missing numbers using the difference given in each subtraction problem.