Multiplication Facts Worksheets and Exercise

Looking for multiplication practice sheets for 3rd and 4th graders? Our free printable worksheets feature problems with factors ranging from 0 to 12, in both horizontal and vertical formats. These exercises also incorporate fun questions to engage quick learners and improve their multiplication table skills. With our practice sheets, your child can develop their math abilities while having fun! Access these free resources now.

Single Number Multiplication Facts - Column

Our 3rd grade multiplication worksheets feature interesting uppercase characters as themes, making them both engaging and efficient for applying column multiplication facts. Download them for free today!

Single Number Multiplication Facts - Horizontal

Master multiplication operations with our horizontally arranged factors worksheets. By practicing with our pages, you'll quickly become adept at multiplying numbers.

Mixed Multiplication Facts - Column

Improve your multiplication skills with our mixed multiplication cases worksheets! Choose the range of numbers you want to practice with and work on multiplying factors for grade 4 children arranged along the column.

Mixed Multiplication Facts - Horizontal

Practice row multiplication facts with our free worksheets! Each page includes multipliers in the 0-10 range and will help you become skilled in multiplication operations.