Multiplication Drills Worksheets and Exercise

Looking for multiplication worksheets for 3rd and 4th-grade children? Our free worksheet features a variety of exercises, including multipliers by 10 and 12, 2-digit times 1 digit, and 2-digit times 2 digit multiplication. With 20 exercises per page, your child can practice and improve their multiplication skills in no time. These worksheets are perfect for home or classroom use, and they are designed to be engaging and interactive. Start exploring our free worksheets today and give your child the tools they need to succeed in math!

Factors up to 10

Our printable grade 3 worksheets are designed to help students practice multiplying multipliers up to 10. With problems arranged horizontally or vertically, these worksheets offer students a range of challenges to improve their multiplication skills.

Factors up to 12

Teachers and homeschoolers can challenge their students with our multiplication worksheet that focuses on factors up to 12. With a time limit, students can test their multiplication skills and work on improving their accuracy and speed.

2-digit times 1-digits

Our grade 4 multiplication worksheet includes 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication problems that are arranged in columns or rows. This worksheet helps students practice their multiplication skills and improve their accuracy with larger numbers.

2-digit times 2-digits

Practice 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication with our free printable worksheet. With problems that challenge students to multiply larger numbers, this worksheet is perfect for students looking to improve their multiplication skills.