Division Facts Worksheets and Exercise

This section contains free printable worksheets on division problems that highlight each divisor from 1 to 12; Divide horizontally with a custom made number divisor for grade 3 and grade 4 children and complete the division problems. You can use division tables and charts as a precursor to the division facts exercises in this chapter. Access these worksheets for free!

Division Fact ; 1

Any number divisible by 1 is equal to the number itself. Help children understand this basic fact of division with enough exercises and exercises for primary school children.

Division Fact ; 2

This printable division by 2 worksheet focuses on the fact that any number dividing by 2 will yield half. Divide each number by 2 horizontally and complete the division.

Division Fact ; 3

Test grade 3 students' division skills with the help of this pdf worksheet. Divide each number on this worksheet by 3. Complete the partition to complete the division.

Division Fact ; 4

Quickly remember the division rules of 4, calculate the quotient and finish by dividing each number by 4.

Division Fact ; 5

To complete the division problems presented in these worksheets, repeat the 5 times division table and find the division.

Division Fact ; 6

Ask primary school students to divide each number equally into groups of 6 and determine the number of groups they will form. Use the divisibility rule by 6 to quickly calculate the quotient.

Division Fact ; 7

Practice the division operations and rule of the 7 multiplication tables. Calculate division by judging each division problem horizontally in these printable 4th grade division worksheets.

Division Fact ; 8

This unit of division fluency pdf worksheets is specifically about division by 8. Reaffirm the division rule of 8 and fill in the answers to complete the worksheets.

Division Fact ; 9

Find the answers for each division operation containing the division rule of the 9 multiplication tables. Each of the ready-to-use free printable worksheets contains 20 division problems to improve division skills.

Division Fact ; 10

Calculate division problems mentally and learn about equal sharing in groups of 10 with over 50 equations. Write the divisions by dividing each number by 10 and review the division of 10 problems in the process.

Division Fact ; 11

Apply the division rules of the 11 multiplication tables to complete the division problems presented in these Pdfs. Divide each number horizontally by 11 and practice by exercising.

Division Fact ; 12

Find the division in the division sentence using the division rule of the 12 tables in this free printable worksheet pack.