3-digits by 2-digits Division Worksheets and Exercise

Improve your students' division skills with our engaging collection of 3-digit by 2-digit division worksheets. Master the standard long division process and learn how to find both the quotient and remainder of division problems. These printable worksheets include missing number exercises, answer checking, and problem-solving exercises to enhance your students' proficiency. Try these division worksheets for free and watch your students grow their skills. Get started now!

Standard Division - No Remainder

Our split worksheets section offers a comprehensive practice exercise for students to sharpen their division skills. Follow the division-multiplication-subtraction-down process and repeat until a zero is obtained for a challenging and rewarding experience.

Standard Division - With Remainder

Build your child's proficiency with our 3-digit by 2-digit division worksheets, featuring 20 problems that require calculating both the quotient and remainder. Write the answers in the designated spaces for quick and easy grading.

Standard Division - With or Without Remainder

Improve your long division skills with our printable PDF worksheet, featuring a series of problems involving 3-digit numbers divided by 2-digit integers. Some problems may result in a remainder, so test your knowledge and practice your division skills today!

Divide and check

Teach your students the relationship between division and multiplication with this worksheet. They will learn to evaluate their answers using the formula quotient * divisor + remainder = dividend, and check if their division problem is correct.