3-digits by 1-digits Division Worksheets and Exercise

Our free printable 3-digit 1-digit division worksheets include a variety of skills such as division on grids, division with and without remainder, solving real-life facts word problems, understanding and noticing how division and multiplication are related, and using this method to check this reverse technique. your answers, fill in missing figures, divide to solve problems and much more. These worksheets are available for free!

Divide 3-digit by 1-digit - No Remainder

Each pdf worksheet consists of 20 division problems, divide-multiply-subtract and bring down the next number, repeating this process until it ends with zero and there are no more numbers to subtract.

Divide 3-digit by 1-digit - With Remainder

Practice and solve these standard division problems involving 3-digit divisors and single-digit divisors, and find the remainder and quotient using the long division method.

Divide and Check

To verify your answers(Division), all you have to do is multiply the divisor and quotient and add the remainder, if any. Compare the answer with the divisor, if both are equal your answer is correct.