2-digits by 1-digits Division Worksheets and Exercise

Stay ahead of the class with this multitude of 2-digit 1-digit split worksheets packs. Practice and activity on dividing 2-digit 1-digit integers with grids, calculate quotients and remainders, solve division word problems, find missing numbers, understand the relationship between multiplication and division and check your answers on the answer key, solve division riddles and more, and one step come forward. Access some of our worksheets for free and enjoy math!

Standard Division - Without Remainder

Find the division in these division worksheets by solving division equations step by step until you get zero or there are no more numbers to download.

Standard Division - With Remainder

Solve each division problem and find the quotient and remainder by following the steps division-multiply-subtract-down. Repeat the process until it can no longer be divided (until the remainder is less than the divisor).

Divide and Check

Division is the opposite of multiplication. Multiply the quotient and the divisor and add the remainder to your result. Check if this answer is the same as the split for instant self-assessment.