Addition Facts Worksheets and Exercise

Looking for fun and engaging ways to teach young learners addition skills? Our free printable worksheets are the perfect solution! With a variety of colorful and themed activities, children can easily grasp addition from 0 to 9 for sums of 10 and 20. From vibrant nature scenes to exciting trading scenarios, our worksheets offer a range of eye-catching themes to captivate young minds. Make learning addition a blast with our free printable worksheets and help your child develop essential math skills in a fun and enjoyable way.

Single Number Addition Facts - Column

Our PDF worksheets all feature child-friendly themes and contain 20 problems each. It's a great way to practice addition in a fun and engaging way.

Single Number Addition Facts - Horizontal

With addends arranged horizontally, our practice pages are designed to help kids focus on additional facts and improve their addition skills.

Mixed Addition Facts - Column

Make learning column addition more engaging for young learners with our cute themed worksheets. Each worksheet includes a variety of addition problems that are perfect for practicing basic addition skills. Download our free PDFs today and give your students a fun way to master column addition!

Mixed Addition Facts - Horizontal

Take your addition practice to the next level with our mixed suffixes and addition facts worksheets. Choose the range of attachments you want to practice with and give your students a challenging yet engaging way to practice their addition skills. Download our free PDFs and watch your students become addition masters!