Adding Large Numbers Worksheets and Exercise

Do you want to master and master multi-digit addition? Countless printable supplementary worksheet collections including large numbers such as 4-digit, 5-digit, 6-digit and more are at your service, teachers, parents and students. The exercises and problems here are standard problems, word problems, mixed additions, list addition, place value arrangement, missing digits, etc. to provide students with adequate practice. Now, some of these worksheets are all available for free.

Addition 4-digit worksheets

The addends are 4-digits and 4-digits.

Addition 4-digit and 3-digit worksheets

One of the addends is a 4-digits number and the other addend is a 3-digits number in all the problems.

Addition 5-digit worksheets

Speed up practice with this set of worksheets that cover a variety of real-life scenarios for 5-digit addition with many standard problems and two appendices.

Addition 6-digit worksheets

Find the sum of 6 digit numbers. Real life word problems are included in the worksheet.

Addition worksheets - 3 addends

These pdf worksheets are based on 3 addends. There are four sections according to the number of digits.

Missing digits

Identify the correct digits and fill in the missing places to get the required total. Two digits are missing at level 1 and three digits are missing at level 2.