3-Digits Addition Worksheets and Exercise

This page for students includes printable 3-digit addition exercises for 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade kids, such as addition exercises, place value blocks, finding correct suffixes, adding more than two, missing digits, and more. You have options to choose between horizontal or vertical; no regrouping or regrouping; word problem or no problem. You can download and use our worksheets for free.

3-Digit and 2-Digit

The addends are 3-digit and 2-digit. Problems assigned to four categories: regrouping, no regrouping, word problem or no problem.

Column 3-digit Addition Drill No Regrouping

Not every question in this printable worksheet has 3-digit regrouping suffixes in its columns. You can set a time limit and get plenty of exercise before working on the drill.

Column 3-digit Addition Drill - Regrouping

Discover and practice your skills as well by practicing these regrouping collection exercises.

Horizontal 3-digit Addition Drill - No Regrouping

Pdf worksheets have 3-digit appendices in rows. Regrouping is not necessary. 20 unique questions per page are waiting for you.

Horizontal 3-digit Addition Drill - Regrouping

Practicing these exercises will improve the 3rd and 4th grade students' addition skills and enable them to specialize. Regrouping is required.

Missing Digits

Each worksheet has 20 problems. Find the missing digits in each problem. Two digits are missing on the easy level. Three digits are missing at the intermediate level.

Adding More Addends

3-digit addition pdf worksheets are based on adding more than two (three, four and five) addends.