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The Rumpelstiltskin fairy tale is a classic story that has been passed down through generations. It tells the tale of a young girl who is tasked with spinning straw into gold, under threat of death if she fails. With the help of a mysterious little man named Rumpelstiltskin, she is able to complete the task. However, in exchange for his help, he demands that she give him her first-born child.

A Rumpelstiltskin fairy tales English worksheet may include a variety of activities designed to help students improve their English language skills while also exploring the themes and motifs of the story. These activities may include reading comprehension questions, vocabulary exercises, and creative writing prompts.

Reading comprehension questions may focus on important plot points or character motivations, such as why the girl agrees to spin straw into gold for the king or why Rumpelstiltskin is so desperate for a child. Vocabulary exercises may involve identifying and defining key words from the story, or using context clues to infer the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Creative writing prompts may encourage students to think critically about the story and its themes, such as the dangers of making deals with mysterious strangers or the importance of keeping promises. For example, students may be asked to write a short story in which they are faced with a difficult decision and must consider the consequences of their actions.

Overall, a Rumpelstiltskin fairy tales English worksheet can be a fun and engaging way to improve language skills while also exploring the timeless themes and motifs of this classic story.

 Past Simple -Rumpelstiltskin

Past Simple -Rumpelstiltskin

Past Simple -Rumpelstiltskin